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Building Paperhouse...

Somewhere in a dimly lit living room Shane Hines and Megan Conner are building something incredible. The pens, the guitars, the third cup of coffee is out. The air hangs with possibility, the possibility that only comes when two unique voices and songwriters connect and instantly a room is no longer just a room – it’s a playground, or a battlefield, or a place where abandoned love is returned in the timely space of the three minute pop/americana ballad. This is Paperhouse, the new incredible partnership between two songwriters’ songwriters, with industry cuts from Chris Young, Rascal Flatts, Craig Morgan and Kylie Morgan (Megan) as well as major network and cable TV placements (Shane). 

Delicate or destructive, the effect is always incendiary. “If it’s up to me and you,” the duo sings in “Burn the Room,” one of their first singles already picked up and recorded by Australian band The Fairground, “gonna strike a match and burn the room.” After hearing Paperhouse, you will have no doubts of their intentions. “You bring the honey, I’ll bring the sweet,” Megan sings in a smoke-curled voice, but there is something haunting waiting in the wings, and the promise of sweetness may have to wait until the storm subsides. That storm: the incredible, inventive rifts being built by Shane on a well-worn Gibson J-45, and the powerful tenor harmonies that perfectly match Megan’s bite-for-bite. In a time when spectacle is king, and bigger seems better, perhaps the most dangerous thing could be to put two fierce writers in a room with one guitar. Matches, tinder, paper. All the necessary elements for an incredible fire. Thank you for visiting Paperhouse’s website. Enjoy the new songs and please come find us at a show soon.

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